delapena sintering has the capacity to hone a variety of materials, including mild steel, ceramics, glass and hard chromes. Each material requires a different type of abrasive in order to cut through the application effectively. We hone bores from 1.2mm up to 1m, using delapena tooling and abrasives.

Hard Chromes

Chrome plating tubes are common with extremely high surface hardness; we manufacture honing sticks to successfully cut hard chrome plating. delapena sintering regularly completes recycling of hydraulic cylinders, conducting quality honing and re-chroming.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is utilised in applications where resistance to wear and deformation are beneficial. The automotive industry incorporates Cast Iron within car manufacturing, as it resists oxidation from air and water; delapena sintering regularly works on high-end aerospace and F1 components.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is common within many engineering fields and is utilised all over the world. We regularly supply OEM engine manufacturers with delapena sintering products.


Multiple industries’ applications benefit from the use of Ceramic materials. delapena sintering has developed a new, innovative honing stick to successfully cut many variations of Ceramic.

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