delapena applies first-class standards to the entire sintering process – from mixing and dosing powders, to specialist sintering and quality control. Our honing sticks are accurately pressed to size, providing total reliability and traceability.

The sintering process begins with mixing chemical elements, such as Cobalt, Bronze, Silver and Tin. A bond is developed in order to hold abrasive grits in place. We always incorporate CBN or Diamond within the honing bond, offering only the highest quality honing materials. This is followed by dosing, which involves accurately measuring each individual honing stick to ensure complete consistency.

Bonds and powders are added to the graphic mould, which involves a high level of skill and attention to detail. Finally, the bond will enter our computer-controlled sintering press. This allows us to ensure that every honing stick we manufacture has full traceability, to protect against any future quality issues. As soon as the product leaves the sintering press, it is ready to be used.

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