Honing Sticks

delapena sintering produces a wide range of honing sticks at our state-of-the-art UK production centre.

Solid honing sticks: we can produce sticks in a variety of different sizes, from under 1mm width/height to over 100mm in length.

Honing sticks with backing layer: our layered honing sticks contain layered abrasives, allowing you to cut to desired depths.

Slotted honing sticks: similar to our standard honing stones, but features a longitudinal slot for better cutting, cooling and chip removal

Diamond & CBN

delapena sintering manufactures a complete range of Rottler type replacement stones, available in CBN and Diamond, to suit all honing needs. We also produce a wide range of super abrasives, tailored to individual client requirements.

All our honing stones are manufactured in standard sizes to meet OEM specifications, using the latest equipment to ensure optimum quality. We offer sticks up to 204mm in length and 15mm high made from any grit type, mixed with the required bond.

Tooling Refurbishment

delapena sintered tool refurbishment service delivers first class tool refurbishment to all major honing tool manufacturers including, Gehring, Nagel, Jones & Shipman, Pemamo, Kadia, Ohio Tool Works, Animex.

Inspection of tools

  • Pre inspection of tools before any work is started.
  • Post Inspection of the tools once Refurbishment has been completed.

Our Expertise

  • Delapena manufactures specialised Honing tools as well as offering a refurbishment service for other brands of tools (see above)
  • Reputation for precise and efficient process
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service team.
  • UK Manufacture of honing tooling and state of the art honing machines.

Your Benefits

  • Cost effective tool refurbishment.
  • First class technology used.
  • Stocking of customer specific Honing stones
  • Detailed processing and refurbishment of your tool
  • Quick turnaround as standard
  • We can meet your individual requirement.

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